The one constant in life is change. For many of us, it used to be that you would work for the same company for decades, secure in the knowledge that you had a place as long as you did good work. Upon retirement, you would receive a pension and, along with Social Security, live comfortably. But now, retirement planning has changed in a big way.

Now. the majority of people work at multiple places of employment throughout their professional careers. For 40% of the Baby Boomer generation, they will never retire since they either want to continue working or can’t afford not to work. Plus, we live longer, so saving “a lot” is not necessarily enough. A recent New York Times article noted that a couple retiring at age 65 with $1 million saved in municipal bonds have a 72% probability that they’ll exhaust the money before they die.

Depending on where you work or what industry you’re involved with, you may be paying into a 401(k) account or a similar retirement portfolio. But do you understand the specifics of the plan, the cost of living adjustments, and other long-term factors that can affect your life? Ultimately, it’s important to have a financial advisor with the knowledge of the specific challenges you face, the experience to deal with market fluctuations, and the perspective to understand that financial planning should support a life plan, not the other way around.

So what’s the right choice for you? Since every person is different, every retirement plan is different. Contact us today for a free consultation, and we can help you learn how to thrive, not just survive.