Planning for your retirement, however you define the word, may be one of the biggest challenges you ever face. That is why you need to hire a professional retirement planner, a financial planner who specializes in retirement and who can work with you and guide you. The right retirement specialist, as opposed to an all-purpose financial planner, can ease your Seneca retirement planning woes by helping you determine your goals and way to reach them. A pro can do three important things for you:

  1. Ensure that you’ve covered all the bases. The advisor can analyze your present financial state (your investments, debts, sources of income) to see if you’ve made the right moves then discuss what you need to focus on for your retirement planning.
  2. Explain how much things will likely cost you. Retirement can be expensive, and many people fail to plan properly for the cost of living that would let them retire when and how they want. They are sometimes unrealistic about how long their money should last. A planner can also explain not only how much retirement is likely to cost, but also how much your desired retirement lifestyle would run. That will help you see whether there is a gap between the retirement of your dreams and reality.
  3. They can draw up a detailed program including:
    1. A financial plan with a forecast of your annual expenses.
    2. How much you can withdraw from savings each year.
    3. A statement of net worth, augmented details related to estate planning and estate taxes.
    4. Advice on particular needs such as long-term care insurance and health insurance to supplement medicare.

Come to us for all your retirement questions. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to help with a convenient complimentary consultation.