When looking to grow your wealth in preparation for retirement, it’s incredibly important to diversify your portfolio. We can’t stress this enough. Relying on one investment type can spell disaster for your wealth and ruin any financial goals you may have. Markets are volatile and prone to change daily. This is why Black Harbor Wealth Management offers alternative investment management. Today, we’ll take a look at the benefits of incorporating alternative investments into your investment strategy.


Diversification is Key

The more diverse your portfolio is, the more secure your wealth will be. Since markets change so quickly, relying on one type of investment or a single investment strategy can cause you to lose money when the market crashes. Having different types of investments will spread your assets across different kinds of risk, giving you a more secure portfolio over time.


Possibility for Higher Returns

Some alternative investments carry higher risk than traditional stocks and bonds. Most high-risk investments also pass on higher returns, meaning you’ll receive more money for your investment than other, low-risk options. Higher returns will get you closer to your goals faster. By offsetting the risk with low-risk investments, your assets will be more protected, should your high-risk investments not pay off.


Invest in Actual Commodities

Stocks and bonds can seem like they have little bearing in the real world. While they’re important to your portfolio, investing in commodities allows you to invest in material goods. Oil, metal, natural gas, and petroleum are all investments that may protect you from the perils of inflation.


Diversifying your portfolio with different types of investments is one of the best ways to encourage your wealth to grow while minimizing risk. Black Harbor Wealth Management can help you manage your alternative investments. Our experts are familiar with the challenges of managing non-stock and non-bond assets. If you have questions about our services, or wish to schedule a free consultation, contact us today.