Professional wealth managers look at the big picture. If you need an advisor who can handle both your investing and strategic planning needs, you should consider a professional wealth manager with Black Harbor Wealth Management. Our wealth management experts in Seneca can help you achieve your financial goals. Here are three reasons why you should consider us:

  • An experienced wealth manager, particularly one holding professional credentials and designations, acts in a nature of a personal consultant and can help devise personalized strategies and solutions to your individual needs.
  • A professional wealth manager is capable of providing a finely-tuned combination of a highly personalized, comprehensive strategic planning, and investment and portfolio management for their high net worth clients.
  • A professional wealth manager will coordinate and collaborate with other fellow professional advisors, such as attorneys and accountants, to serve more complex financial needs, which may include tax minimization, trust management, wealth transfers, real estate management, portfolio performance analytics, stock options, tax planning, estate planning, charitable giving, and more.

Once you have chosen your ideal wealth manager, you should expect their efforts to be focused on implementing three objectives:

  • Individualized written investment plan
    • Wealth managers understand fully that each client is unique, especially with respect to risk tolerance. They must create and implement a written plan for each client.
  • Proper asset allocation
    • Their focus should be on a risk-managed approach to investing and should target a specified level of risk to be taken by the client in relation to the stock market averages.
  • Preservation of capital
    • The key to successful investing is not just to make money in rising markets but also avoid losing big in down markets.

We are proud to offer a variety of financial services from wealth management to retirement planning to investment services. Let us handle the details of your financial health.